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CORCCanberra Off-Road Cyclists (Canberra, Australia)
CORCCooperative Online Resource Catalog (OCLC)
CORCCulture of Responsible Choices (US DoD program)
CORCComputational Optimization Research Center (Columbia University)
CORCCoordination, Outreach and Research Center (disabilities)
CORCConsortium on the Ocean's Role in Climate
CORCCareer Opportunities Resource Center
CORCConventional Ordnance Release Computer
CORCCollaborative Open Research Center (Kogakuin University; Japan)
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The HSFO feed will be supplied by CORC out of its plant and other Egyptian refineries.
Michael Goran, Ph.D., director of the CORC and lead author of the study, said that the human body isn't designed to process this form of sugar at such high levels and unlike glucose, which serves as fuel for the body, fructose is processed almost entirely in the liver where it is converted to fat.
While in high school she was a member of CORC and for three consecutive years portrayed Our Lady in the Way of the Cross reenactment.
Information about the cobalt substances covered by the Cobalt Consortium is posted on the CoRC website.
Tybed beth ydi'r eglurhad am yr enwau Cae Corc a Cae troi am y gorau?
It will also invest in improvements to CORC's environmental performance, particularly the emission of greenhouse gases."
The court held that the inmate failed to comply with the Prison Litigation Reform Act's exhaustion requirement by never appealing the denial of a grievance filed with the Inmate Grievance Resolution Committee (IGRC) to Central Office Review Committee (CORC).
The Leeches have 12 of their 18 boxes filled, and first out for the trip to Cheltenham will be juvenile hurdler Silmi, already a Milton Harris-trained winner for senior WBX betting exchange figures Malcolm Gray and Ian Turner, and the proven Corc An Oir, a recent Ascot sales purchase.
To meet more effectively the needs of the Oklahoma City representatives, Denver had created the Colorado Oklahoma Resource Council (CORC) that was staffed with volunteers.