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CORDCollaboration On Repair Discoveries (adult nervous system)
CORDCommittee on Regional Development (various locations)
CORDCentral Okanagan Regional District (Canada)
CORDCanadian Organization for Rare Disorders
CORDCenter for Occupational Research and Development
CORDCone-Rod Dystrophy
CORDCouncil of Emergency Medicine Residency Directors
CORDCommunity Organizing for Responsible Development
CORDCone-Rod Dystrophy, X-Linked
CORDCibernet Online Roaming Database
CORDCoordinated Operational Requirements Document
CORDCity of Refuge Development, Inc. (Amarillo, Texas)
CORDContention Resolution by Delayline (IEEE)
CORDCentral Oklahoma Ringers and Directors (handbell group)
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The cord was placed round the Jew's neck, and his feet had already ceased to touch the ground when the voice of the tailor was heard beseeching the executioner to pause one moment and to listen to what he had to say.
After straining against the cord for a time, Jerry surrendered and slept.
Getting his right foot in the stirrup, he smoothed the double reins, as he always did, between his fingers, and Cord let go.
She places them in a labyrinth where they are condemned to walk for ever, with a bracelet on their arms and a cord round their necks, unless they meet another as miserable as themselves.
The ape lunged against the stout cord that held him.
Now, with his thick and somewhat bowed legs stretched in front of the blaze, his green jerkin thrown open, and a great quart pot held in his corded fist, he looked the picture of comfort and of good-fellowship.
He was more than astonished when presently he saw the missing kite struggling as usual against the controlling cord. But it had gone to the further side of the tower, and now hung and strained AGAINST THE WIND to the north.
John Want rises with a groan, turns the chest up on one end, and begins to fasten the cord round it.
Immediately one of the men who were waiting slipped down into the moat, tied under Grimaud's shoulders the end of a cord, and the remaining two, who held the other end, drew Grimaud to them.
Upon examination I found that the cord, though small, was amply able to sustain the weight of several men.
When the Jester, arrayed in the cowl and frock of the hermit, and having his knotted cord twisted round his middle, stood before the portal of the castle of Front-de-B uf, the warder demanded of him his name and errand.
The carpet - of Saxony material - is quite half an inch thick, and is of the same crimson ground, relieved simply by the appearance of a gold cord (like that festooning the curtains) slightly relieved above the surface of the ground, and thrown upon it in such a manner as to form a succession of short irregular curves - one occasionally overlaying the other.