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CORDICCoordinate Rotation Digital Computer
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In the first part, the [zeta] remainder from the division of u value received in the unit within the [psi] value is calculated, [psi] being the range that the CORDIC unit can calculate.
It uses the product of series of sub-functions to approximate the original reciprocal function, and it indicates performance improvement over CORDIC and Newton-Raphson method [9].
In this paper, we propose an optimized, digital, closedloop self-oscillation technique using PFD-based CORDIC for a biaxial resonant microaccelerometer.
Volder, "The CORDIC trigonometric computing technique," IRE Trans.
Cordic customer Garstang Cars, based in Lancashire, has been using the Taxi Butler in their local supermarket where previously they would receive bookings via the telephone.
CORDIC based systolic array utilizes vectoring and rotation mode which requires proper selection of scale factor and number of iterations.
In [7], it was shown that Brent-Luk-EVD architecture with a modified CORDIC for performing the plane rotation of the Jacobi algorithm can be realized in advanced VLSI design.
Wong, "Proposed adder and modified LUT bit parallel unrolled CORDIC circuit for an application in mobile robots," Asian Journal of Scientific Research, vol.
In hardware implementation, the phase angle calculation can be conducted by CORDIC algorithm [22].
The CORDIC algorithms [18] are adopted to accelerate the computations of the trigonometric and inverse trigonometric functions.
The 54-year-old taxi firm offi-cially celebrated the launch of its new Cordic booking and dispatch system, as well as an iPhone and Android Booker App, and a brand new website.