CORECTCommittee on Renewable Energy, Commerce and Trade
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Persistenta valorilor crescute ale scorului DLQI in ciuda unui regim de viata corespunzator si a unui tratament corect condus ridica intrebarea: care sunt factorii ce favorizeaza persistenta manifestarilor clinice?
Idem: Nu e vorba de o boala mintala, (corect!), ci subtmintala.
In acest caz, ceea ce "toata lumea cade de acord" ca sunt probabilitatile este corect. Astfel, intrebam de ce P(h/e1&e2k) este aproape de 1.
Optimum series blender product lines involve gravimetric weighing and blending that minimize waste and maximize inventory accuracy, guaranteeing the corect resin blends for a wide range of process applications.
Craig Hamilton thanks the DAAD for its generous grant (Kennziffer A102/23707), which allowed him to collaborate with Ralf Schneider on his project Kognitive Rezeptionstheorie/Cognitive Reception Theory (CoRecT) in order to write this article.
Handel; the additional "Note: This is more Corect [sic] than the former Edition" evidently refers to a number of revisions to the text.
He responded with a 51st-minute headed goal, but Ljungberg soon restored the corect balance with a clever chip 16 minutes minutes later.
CORECT - Collaborative Requirements Capture creates a system to support the definition and translation of engineering product requirements.
Bar coding parts has also helped the people in Rochester track down and corect any errors in their products with fewer people.
It should ask the recipient how often he receives the information, whether the frequency is appropriate--and if not, then the corect frequency.
Adesea hipnoticele sunt folosite in mod gresit, necunoscandu-li-se corect actiunile si indicatiile.
Principles relating to the organization of local authorities are confined in the European Charter on Local Self-Government in provisions referring to what the transition studies have styled the "recognition of the six institutional guarantees: elected officials; free, corect and frequent elections elections; alternative sources of information; freedom of expression; association autonomy; extensive citizenship" (13).