CORESTACentre de Coopération pour Les Recherches Scientifiques Relatives Au Tabac (French: Cooperation Center for Scientific Research Relative to Tobacco)
CORESTACooperation Centre for Scientific Research Relative to Tobacco
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As discussed in a larger World Health Organization (WHO) report on tobacco industry influence at that agency, the subcommittee hired a consultant, Gaston Vettorazzi, to provide advice on influencing regulation (CORESTA 1990b; Zeltner et al.
Some CORESTA members were concerned that Vettorazzi's review might conclude that EBDCs were unsafe (Beuchat 1990).
CORESTA authorized the distribution of Vettorazzi's revised report to his former colleagues at WHO, once all references to tobacco and CORESTA were removed (CORESTA 1992).
With CORESTA funding ($100,000 a year) and approval, Vettorazzi offered to assist J.
CORESTA considered this "a very positive result for the industry," since it "clearly indicates that the 'carcinogenicity' of [ETU] is not really a burning issue any longer" (CORESTA 1994; Mueller 1993).
In the case of WHO deliberations on EBDCs, the tobacco industry coordinated covert actions, hiding the financial ties and involvement of CORESTA. Rigorous disclosure requirements and oversight might have allowed the WHO's agencies to judge more accurately the potential for bias related to conflicts of interest.
B&W R&D CORESTA Agricultural Chemicals Advisory Committee (ACAC)/022.