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CORFOCorporacion del Fomento de la Produccion (Chile)
CORFOCorporación de Fomento del Río Colorado (Argentina)
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3) CORFO, through INNOVA Chile, is the main public agency that encourages innovation in all types of enterprises, both existing businesses and new ones (enterprises).
As far as public support is concerned, SEBRAE and CORFO (particularly SEBRAE) need to establish a new focus on technology transfer in addition to their present focus on management transfer.
Moya is accused of taking the certificates from a CORFO safe before endorsing them and passing them on to Inverlink.
CORFO is a leader in credit and guarantee schemes for the private sector, targeting SMEs through alliances with commercial banks and private technical assistance agents.
GERENS (1998), Evaluacion del FONTEC, Mimeo Division de Fomento de CORFO, Santiago, Chile Gobierno de Chile, Comite de Fomento de la Micro y Pequena Empresa (2003) "La situacion de la Micro y Pequena Empresa en Chile", Santiago, Chile, marzo.
Welcoming today's announcement, Hernan Cheyre, executive vice president of CORFO, the Chilean Economic Development Agency, said, "Chile is swiftly implementing the reconstruction of the areas affected by the earthquake.
Enel Green Power (EGP) and DCNS have been selected by the Chilean government s economic development organization CORFO (CorporaciEn de Fomento de la ProducciEn) to set up a groundbreaking global centre of Marine Energy R&D excellence in the country, named Marine Energy Research and Innovation Centre (MERIC).
He developed the original resource and production feasibility study for the Chemetall-SCL - CORFO Chilean Development Corporation) Joint venture.
B Lab will establish partnerships with organizations that have regional presence and expertise and leverage financial and technical support provided by the Inter American Development Bank, the Rockefeller Foundation, Halloran Philanthropies, Prudential Foundation, Linklaters, the Ford Foundation, the Avina Foundation, InnovaChile CORFO and Deloitte LLP.
Bling Nation, a payments network provider for community banks nationwide, announced it received a $500,000 grant from CORFO, the Chilean economic development agency.
5 Thus, currently, CORFO supports two types of incubators: (i) Incubators for Innovation, focused on companies with high growth potential (gazelles); and (ii) Development Incubators, whose focus is geared to support smaller companies, mainly in traditional sectors, or in remote areas with focus on populations that have some type of gap (women and youth).
The five teams participating in SRI's Venture Readiness Program were selected from more than 75 teams representing the top Chilean universities, in a program sponsored by CORFO, the Chilean Economic Development Agency.