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CORGCommittee on Research Grants (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council; Canada)
CORGCentres d'Opérations et de Renseignement de la Gendarmerie (French: Operations Centers and the Gendarmerie Intelligence)
CORGCombat Operations Research Group
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In compost experiments, greater Corg accumulation, amounting to 47-59% of added C, was recorded (Dicz and Krauss 1997; Stoppler-Zimmer and Petersen 1997; Timmermann et al.
Atributos Composto de Turfa lodo de curtume Umidade a 65[degrees]C (%) 42,70 45,6 Corg (g [kg.sup.-1]) 187,50 298,2 Substancias humicas (g Corg [kg.sup.-1]) 9,72 5,5 Acidos humicos (g Corg [kg.sup.-1]) 5,45 3,1 Acidos fulvicos (g Corg [kg.sup.-1]) 4,22 2,6 Humina (g Corg [kg.sup.-1]) 177,89 102,7 N (g [kg.sup.-1]) 1,28 0,9 p (g [kg.sup.-1]) 4,02 3,6 K (g [kg.sup.-1]) 3,25 3,2 Ca (g [kg.sup.-1]) 95,33 4,9 Mg (g [kg.sup.-1]) 6,80 2,2 S (g [kg.sup.-1]) 9,39 0,8 Cu (mg [kg.sup.-1]) 17,8 27,9 Fe (mg [kg.sup.-1]) 5171,6 58,0 Mn (mg [kg.sup.-1]) 1848,7 83,7 Zn (mg [kg.sup.-1]) 141,67 34,7 Mo (mg [kg.sup.-1]) 9,28 3,1 Tabela 2 - Emergencia de plantulas de pimenta ornamental e celosia em bandejas de isopor, em funcao de diferentes substratos.
Arenosols were characterized by Fe/Al-P as dominant sparingly soluble P-fraction and contained PCAL (5.0 mg [Kg.sup.-1]) while Pbray1 was 7.0 mg [kg.sup.-1] soil andit had pH [pH[Cacl.sub.2]] of 4.5 and organic carbon or Corg [%] of 0.16.
The study was conducted in the vegetation hall of the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn (Poland), on typical Eutric Cambisols soil according to WRB (1998) formed from sandy loam (1.0-0.1 mm - 50%; 0.1-0.02 mm - 39%; <0.02 mm - 8%), which with the following properties: pH in 1 mol KCl/dm - 5.10; hydrolytic acidity (HA) - 30.8 mmol ([H.sup.+]) [kg.sup.-1]; exchangeable cation bases (ECB) - 88.0 mmol(+) [kg.sup.- 1]; cation exchange capacity (CEC) - 118.8 mmol(+) [kg.sup.-1]; base saturation (BS) - 74.1%; Corg content - 8.48 g [kg.sup.-1], content of available: phosphorus (P) - 34.1 mg [kg.sup.-1], potassium (K) - 75.2 mg [kg.sup.-1] and magnesium (Mg) - 36.7 mg [kg.sup.-1].
Management and the unions formed a Contract Operations Research Group (CORG), composed of eight employees, which set out to prove that they could operate the plant as efficiently (or more efficiently) themselves than a contract operator could.
In an experiment conducted with a wider range of soils the apparent N utilization of two fertilizers with a medium N content differed between the soils although the differences were not obviously related to any of the soil texture soil Corg content or N mineralization of the unfertilized soil.