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CORGICouncil for Registered Gas Installers (formerly Confederation of Registered Gas Installers; UK)
CORGIConfederation of Registered Gas Installers (now Council for Registered Gas Installers; UK)
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Kennel Club previously listed Corgis as one of the breeds at risk of extinction since more and more British people are interested in taking care of newer and more fashionable breeds.
Back in 2014 an official portrait showed the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Lupo the dog and the eight-month-old Prince in a babyblue Corgi cashmere jumper with his name on it.
THE Queen is synonymous with her corgis and dogs have been her life-long companions.
The news came just days after it emerged the two pet corgis Her Majesty currently keeps will be her last.
The Queen's beloved corgis are dying out and have been put on the Kennel Club's endangered dogs list.
He examined the radiator and reckoned the fault was not new, and had been there for several years - certainly since before your contract with Corgi began.
Mark is a very welcome addition to the CORGI Technical Services team.
According to the Daily Mail, the death of 13-year-old Monty, who was previously owned by the Queen Mother, leaves two corgis in the palace, Willow and Holly.
Joy, who has bred corgis since 1989 and has eight of her own, isn't surprised Her Majesty fell in love with the breed.
Wilderness Following years in the canine wilderness, corgis are once again top of the pups - thanks to round-the-clock royal coverage.
We''ve been at it for two hours, what''s a corgi going to do?
The new Gas Safe Register replaces the old CORGI gas installer registration scheme which will end on March 31.