CORINECoordinate Information on the Environment
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Frenchwoman Corine, who had travelled to the event with her husband from their home in Egypt, was hit on the par-four sixth hole, and is thought to have lost the sight in her right eye.
Soil loss computed for both potential (28 tons/ha/yr) and actual erosion risks (24 tons/ha/yr) by CORINE model integrated with GIS and RS techniques proved efficient and inexpensive way to generate soil erosion risk maps.
Corine (Popeye as she was know to her friends) was born in North Brookfield the daughter of Theodore and Amy Benoit (Harvender).
When Corine was thirteen, a group of people in hooded robes burned down her home, killing her mother, a good witch.
Born in Meriwether County located in west central Georgia, in the small town of Woodbury (population approximately 500 at the time), to a father who was a school teacher and a mother who was an organist for her church, no one envisioned a future for Corine as a nurse.
"Corine will paint a dancer 'live' at the gallery, so that people can observe her technique.
Corine said: ``We told them that we were not eligible,but they insisted that we had a vote.''
Corine, 49, said: "I didn't feel like the ball had struck my eye, then I felt the blood start to pour."
Once again, Corine Hyman breaks down what the Bible says in a way that children can understand.
IN THE PICTURE: Stratford Library team leader Corine Harvey and artist and former RSC actor John Corvin with the portrait of Andrew Carnegie
As such, notes Corine Koopman-Esseboom, a coauthor at Sophia Children's Hospital, it's hard to directly compare the Rotterdam exposures to those reported for U.S.