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CORMCouncil for Optical Radiation Measurements
CORMCenter of Reproductive Medicine (Texas)
CORMCommission on Roles and Missions of the Armed Forces
CORMControlled Oxidation of Radioactive Metal
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This CORM was also shown to modulate cell metabolism by increasing neuronal yield.
You might expect the most expensive spice to have equally expensive corms. Happily, that is not the case.
Corm and Dean had been best friends since nursery school, and though we didn't say "I have your back" back then, suffice it to say, Dean had Corm's.
Order corms from suppliers with the highest ratings, because some sell older corms and keep younger ones for themselves.
Fresh corm weight, number of cormels, fresh cormel weight and total yield of corm and cormel (tuber) were significantly higher (P[?]0.05) for Amadumbe 2914, Amadumbe 3053, Amadumbe 43 and Amadumbe 56 than for Amadumbe Amzam 3553/5118 and Amadumbe 2919 (Table 4).
Alfama is the company in the development of Carbon Monoxide-Releasing Molecules (CORMs) for therapy.
Therefore, a group of transition metal carbonyls or boranocarbonates, known as CO-releasing molecules (CORMs), which can release CO upon transformation becomes the best alternative to gas administration [2-5, 9,10].
(2009) verified that vegetative development and flower production were significantly influenced by corm size.
There are also significant differences between local accession on total yield, plant weight, harvesting index, corm weight, number of cormlet, antioxidant capacity, flavonoids and P content (Table 6).
The son of Daoud Corm, arguably Lebanon's first independent professional painter, Georges Daoud Corm (b.
Because of the increased use of cold-tender bulbs, corms and tubers in our gardens, as well as those that have a long history of use, it would be a good idea to review the steps needed to preserve them.
Corm added that he wished the new government success, hoping to prove to the world that the democratic change is the right track for Lebanon's development.