CORMONCorrosion Monitoring Systems
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Group 3 included 1350 serum samples collected in 1991 (797 females and 553 males; median age, 48 years; range, 12-82 years) from the population of Cormons as part of the Dionysos Study (10).
The winners of the Golden Stars of Town Twinning are: Bradford (UK), Bremen (Germany), Cormons (Italy), Keszthely (Hungary) Nuremberg (Germany), Pouzauges (France), Riga (Latvia), Santa Maria da Feira (Portugal) and Szolnok (Hungary).
The young are semiprecocial, being able to run within a day after hatching but remaining dependent on parental feeding (primarily fish and small crustaceans) for 8 to 10 wk or more (Hays and Cormons in prep.