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CORMORANTCortical Maps of Resistive Anisotropic Networks
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The favourite lime green buzzer and cormorants and buzzers with a hint of copper should start to hit the mark again.
* Cormorant Mid-Life Upgrade (CMLU) to enhance the capabilities and increase the size of the AW101/CH-149 'Cormorant' search and rescue fleet in Canada.
"The North Cormorant platform successfully completed the first well workover of its drilling campaign, with the second well workover under way.
Other than the Flightless Cormorant, which other bird can swim but not fly?
And, I have seen the other side of cormorant life on one of our local rivers.
In Team Cormorant, Leonardo has partnered with IMP Aerospace and Defence, CAE, Rockwell Collins Canada, and GE Canada for the CH-149 CMLU.
As part of the demonstration at at a remote airfield in northern Israel earlier this month The Cormorant initially took off with a full cargo of military supplies then descended vertically, landing on the grass.
In 2014, nest counts were conducted in a systematic effort to encompass known active colonies surveyed in 2000 in the Strait of Georgia region (Chatwin and others 2002), as well as a few new colonies, at a total of 45 Pelagic Cormorant colony locations, 24 Double-crested Cormorant colony locations, and 1 Brandt's Cormorant colony (1st recorded in 2013) (Fig.
Leonardo Helicopters and IMP Aerospace & Defence reestablished their "Team Cormorant" to pursue the proposed modernization of the Cormorant fleet.
Coastal vegetation consists mainly of Haloxylon--Arthrocnemum macrostachyum scrub complex which surround cormorant breeding areas and fox den sites on the north of the island, and a plantation of Prosopis juliflora and Acacia spp.
The Angling Trust, of which many of our local clubs are members, has launched the "Cormorant Watch 2" website, and are asking for our help as anglers, to register sightings of cormorants and goosanders.