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COROTConvection Rotation and Planetary Transits (CNES, France)
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In the current study, own-rooted Corot Noir vines grown in a central Missouri commercial vineyard were trained to two systems: high bilateral cordon (HBC) and vertically shoot-positioned (VSP) or low cordon.
Those who know the mythological story which Corot references know that Actaeon, who has begun sprouting horns, is already doomed.
CoRoT Sol 1 is about two billion years older than the Sun, but its rotation period is about the same as the Sun's.
The distinction between Corot's early landscapes and those after 1850 has long been a subject of study.
"However, every praise should be reserved for our senior curator whose keen eye illuminated the fact that the stolen Corot was up for auction."
The planet, known as COROT-7b, was discovered in February this year by the European space telescope COROT. It was detected circling a star now known as COROT-7, towards the constellation of Monoceros, the Unicorn.
On the other hand, Edvard Bergh's Summer Landscape is a prettified riverside scene with peasant and cattle which suggests Corot on his best behaviour.
At first the effect on the screen was a Corot painting, then the living figures began to move in a graceful dance which increased in tempo, then slowed down until the living forms again became stationary.
Roger Fry tells how Corot was once asked to paint "the portrait--one can call it nothing else--of a huge, bleak, ugly, factory-like building, and being the most obliging of men and without any notion of the dignity of the artist, he complied." Downes's six-part painting Circumambulation Clockwise of the Six-Sided Bull Barn, Marfa, TX (2007) similarly walks you around a pretty ordinary building, which in these pictures appears wondrously majestic.
In the Forest of Fontainebleau: Painters and Photographers from Corot to Monet, National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C., March 2-June 8.
The new craft, called COROT, will be able to detect small planets.