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CORPORALCollaborative On-Line Reconnaissance Provider/Operationally Responsive Attack Link (US DoD)
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"Oh," said the corporal. He linked his arm in the youth's and drew him forward.
The youth's senses were so deadened that his friend's voice sounded from afar and he could scarcely feel the pressure of the corporal's arm.
The troop is fighting as I write; you will soon hear why I am not; but neither is Raffles, nor Corporal Connal.
One night three troops of our squadron were ordered to a certain point whither they had patrolled the previous week; but our own particular troop was to stay behind, and in charge of no other than the villanous corporal, both our officer and sergeant having gone into hospital with enteric.
Now, though I was perhaps the least observant person in the troop, I was not the least wideawake where Corporal Connal was concerned, and it struck me at once that we were heading in the wrong direction.
"Caught a man stealin' carbines, sir," said the corporal. "Leastways 'e was crawlin' towards the barricks, sir, past the main road sentries, an' the sentry 'e sez, sir -"
The corporal seeing that an officer was disposed to look after the capture, and that the colonel's eye was beginning to blaze, promptly removed himself and his men.
On the evening of the same day, Mulcahy, an unconsidered corporal - yet great in conspiracy - returned to cantonments, and heard sounds of strife and howlings from afar off.
Together they would communicate to their corporal all the dark lore of death which is the portion of those who have seen men die.
"And if I won't?" said the corporal in a dry whisper.
"This ere young gentleman is about the little Colonel's age, sir," continued the corporal.
"You won't see a prettier pair I think, THIS summer's day, sir," said the good-natured Corporal; and the Colonel, the Corporal, and old Mr.
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