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CORPSCREES (Centre for Russian and East European Studies) Open Research Postgraduate Seminar
CORPSComputing Organizations Policy and Society (est. 1973; University of California, Irvine; Irvine, CA; now Interactive and Collaborative Technologies)
CORPSComplete Omniversal Role-Playing System
CORPSConclave of Richmond Pipe Smokers (Chesterfield, VA)
CORPSCouncil of Organized Researchers for Pedagogical Studies of Ballet
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It seemed to be a part of corps etiquette to keep a dog or so, too.
"Pray, sir," said I, trembling lest my BOSS might be a colonel of the editorial corps, after all--"pray, sir," said I, "is it expected in this country that the wardrobe should entertain the political sentiments of its boss?"
I have several relatives that belong to the corps, and they all tell me that while their bosses very frequently change their coats, they are by no means so particular about changing their shirts.
The attention of the government ought particularly to be directed to the formation of a select corps of moderate extent, upon such principles as will really fit them for service in case of need.
People began by laughing and making fun of this specter dressed like a man of fashion or an undertaker; but the ghost legend soon swelled to enormous proportions among the corps de ballet.
Picture the corps de ballet scuttling down the Jacob's ladder and dividing the suicide's rope among themselves in less time than it takes to write!
The third unbeliever was Monsieur Le Quoi, who merely whispered to the sheriff, that the corps was one of the finest he had ever seen second only to the Mousquetaires of Le Boa Louis!
He looked with awe at the students of the corps, their cheeks gashed and red, who swaggered about in their coloured caps.
And as he was now nearly fifty years of age, twenty-four of which he had passed in the corps, he had a singular museum.
And, Clay, lay out some dressing things for the Colonel: we were always pretty much of a size, Rawdon, my boy, and neither of us ride so light as we did when we first entered the corps." With which, and leaving the Colonel to dress himself, Macmurdo turned round towards the wall, and resumed the perusal of Bell's Life, until such time as his friend's toilette was complete and he was at liberty to commence his own.
Buxhowden is commander in chief by seniority, but General Bennigsen does not quite see it; more particularly as it is he and his corps who are within sight of the enemy and he wishes to profit by the opportunity to fight a battle 'on his own hand' as the Germans say.
'I am also impressed with the number of hostels for both male and female corps members, the chalets of camp officials, the magnificent auditorium and the tasteful atmosphere.