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CORRChampionship Off-Road Racing
CORRCorridor (zoning)
CORRComputing Research Repository (Association for Computing Machinery)
CORRCode Opening Routing Request
CORRClinical Orthopaedics and Related Research (journal)
CORRCentre for Online Regional Research
CORRChemicals on Reporting Rules Database (EPA)
CORRCritical Operational Readiness Requirement
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Corr was then heard to say 'What have you f*** done?' before punching the victim in the face 'with a clenched fist.'.
"The suburban greater Philadelphia market is very tight," Corr said.
"The two oils that I recommend more any other are olive oil and rapeseed oil," says Dr Corr. "Try to consume about two tablespoons of it a day.
By combining the date the patient was first seen by a nephrologist and the start date of renal replacement therapy, interpretation of the number of late referrals to nephrologists can be determined, as seen in Table 2: CORR report Table 7.
Going for the last four ball on an open table in the fifth rack, Park overshot the 8-ball by the rail which Corr gamely sank to score.
His good behaviour bond paves the ways for Corr to return to the filming of his next movie, The Water Diviner, directed by actor Russell Crowe.
Corr notes that the Mortgage Bankers Association's (MBA's) Mortgage Bankers Performance Report calculates that the average cost to originate a loan has risen from $3,500 in 2009 to $5,500-$6,000 currently.
Mrs Corr said: "The man in the shop said I was not allowed to demand a refund.
Councillor Corr felt the war memorial was needed in Ingleby Barwick to bring the community together.
As required by law, partnering with AmeriCorps has meant that Corr has raised an equal matching amount from foundations and local site partners.
The "Total Quality Loan" program builds upon the firm's Emcompass360 mortgage origination platform that Jonathan Corr, chief strategy officer for the firm, said between 400 and 500 credit unions use already.