CORRACoalition of Regulatory Related Agencies (Canada)
CORRAColorado Office of Resource and Referral Agencies, Inc. (Denver, CO)
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Of particular interest to this study, support for law enforcement using punitive action is higher among Whites identified as being more racially intolerant (Carter & Corra, 2016; Carter, Corra & Jenks, 2016; Peffley & Hurwitz, 2002; Soss, Langbein & Metelko, 2003).
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Corra said the findings and Fidelity's own experience serving its advisor clients shows that "this is a topic where advisors are looking for more information."
Hansie's brother Corra did even better, touching down three times for the Springboks in his 10 international appearances.
Lo studio del romanzo L'esilio e del teatro sintetico di Paolo Buzzi nei primi capitoli del volume, oppure la lettura della "tragedia umoristica" Becco + Becco = Felicita di Corra e Settimelli nell'ultimo capitolo, ne sono la prova.
Eppure Corra fu attivo ed autonomo ricercatore di inedite soluzioni formali sin dai tempi in cui, appena ventenne, collaborava con Virgilio Scattolini a La difesa dell'arte, e, insieme a Mario Carli ed Emilio Settimelli, fondava il settimanale "liberista" Il centauro.
Corra Harris and the divided mind of the New South.
Exclusion, for example, is a structurally induced difference in opportunities for transactions within a network and is readily observed in networks where multiple nodes are all connected to a single node and only one transaction per round is allowed (Corra, 2005).
HISTORIC ECHO: Rachel Tavernor, front right, from Jesmond, Newcastle, who is taking part in a Cut the Carbon march, with Corra Cole, whose father, mother and brothers took part in the 1936 Jarrow March for jobs, right.