CORUCoordinadora de Organizaciones Revolucionarias Unidas (Coordination of United Revolutionary Organizations)
CORUClinical Operational Research Unit
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Earlier this year, on 13 January, Corus entered into an agreement to acquire all of Shaw Media Inc.
On 13 January Corus entered into an agreement to acquire all of Shaw Media Inc.
6 May 2014 - US cardiovascular genomics specialist CardioDx Inc said yesterday that the American Journal of Medical Quality had published online positive findings from the REGISTRY I trial, which explored the evaluation of non-acute chest pain and related symptoms suggesting obstructive coronary artery disease (CAD) in the primary care setting with the Corus CAD blood-based gene expression test.
April, 2003: Corus announces the Lackenby and Redcar sites will no longer supply the company internally but will have to fend for themselves by competing on the international market.
General secretary Michael Leahy said he had contacted Gordon Brown and Business Secretary Lord Mandelson, urging them to make Corus reveal if there had been a formal takeover bid.
Business Secretary Lord Mandelson said the order was excellent news for the workforce at Corus which is currently mothballing its Teesside Cast Products a few miles away at Redcar with the loss of up to 1,600 jobs.
The owners of Corus are Indian steel giant Tata, which also owns Jaguar Land Rover on Merseyside.
Corus is proud to continue lending to experienced developers on well located, artfully designed condominiums in New York City.
The company has invested pounds 250,000 on a traverse winding system at its Corus Firsteel Coated Strip Plant, which employs 63 people in Walsall.
The Corus board backed CSN's 515p-a-share offer, valuing the firm at pounds 4.
Corus is ranked among the 10 largest steelmakers in the world.
Polymer-coated steel from Corus Packaging Plus is an established packaging material and Corus is committed to accelerate its usage and expand into new applications.