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CORYCoordination of Runaway Youth (Bay City, MI, USA)
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my broomstick hath strangely disappeared, stolen, as I suspect, by that unhanged witch, Goody Cory, and that, too, when I was all anointed with the juice of smallage, and cinquefoil, and wolf's bane"
Personal issues meant that Cory left school with few qualifications but he blossomed during his time with ACT Limited, completing a Customer Service Traineeship Level 1 alongside other Essential Skills qualifications.
Oherwydd problemau personol, gadawodd Cory yr ysgol heb lawer o gymwysterau ond cafodd ei draed dano yn ystod ei gyfnod gydag ACT Limited, gan gwblhau Hyfforddeiaeth Lefel 1 mewn Gwasanaethau Cwsmeriaid a chymwysterau Sgiliau Hanfodol eraill.
On Wednesday, Cory stepped through the gates of Blyth's Bede Academy for the first time, along with his twin brother Cain.
It's in those moments that Cory, 35, trades his wheelchair for a wearable 'ReWalk' exoskeleton.
Additionally, Cory serves as a cub scout and coaches local youth athletics.
Cory, 11, is recuperating after a nine-hour operation which medics hope will repair damage caused to his face during the surgery which saved his life.
The family of Cory has set up a fundraising page for him, which shared that despite becoming less active lately, he was still very keen to attend a Britney Spears live concert.
Life member John Trotman, from Ystrad, passed away on Wednesday, July 9, bringing to an end an era in which Trotmans have been involved with the Cory Band stretching back more than 100 years to 1911.
Ann McGregor revealed she only braved taking out photographs of Glee star Cory last week, a year after he was found dead aged 31 in a Canadian hotel room.
Drawing on one of his experiences, Cory recalled attending a business meeting when a contact lens became inconveniently and quite painfully dislodged.
The 26-year-old actress dedicated her Teen Choice Awards win for best TV actress to Cory, who died of a drug overdose at the age of 31.