COSABCouncil of South African Banks
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Because the COSAB represents a variety of organizations (Table 1) and does not promote any single entity or system over another, it is considered a neutral entity.
One of the first topics reviewed by the COSAB was data collection.
The COSAB has a "superuser" account to view and report de-identified data on a statewide basis.
As the COSAB continued to make progress creating the framework for the stroke registry, one key item remained outstanding: funding.
With the basic plans for a pilot stroke registry underway and a fiscal agent identified, the COSAB submitted a proposal for a 3-year grant to the Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, and Pulmonary Disease Grants Program (CDPHE, 2008) at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.
In January 2006, the COSAB was awarded funding for the implementation of a statewide stroke registry in Colorado.
In 2008, the COSAB coordinated conference calls with Washington, Oregon, and California to share COSAB best practices.
An additional incentive to participate in the COSAB is the AHA's national recognition program based on each hospital's activity level.
Once a year, COSAB staff conducts a quality visit to each participating hospital.
Through these activities, the COSAB and the AHA promote hospitals' continued participation.
Because of Colorado's diverse geography, it is not possible for all hospitals to attend COSAB meetings in person.
The COSAB is also working with the State Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention program on activities that focus on controlling hypertension and supporting EMS projects.