COSABCouncil of South African Banks
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In 2008, the COSAB coordinated conference calls with Washington, Oregon, and California to share COSAB best practices.
An additional incentive to participate in the COSAB is the AHA's national recognition program based on each hospital's activity level.
Once a year, COSAB staff conducts a quality visit to each participating hospital.
Through these activities, the COSAB and the AHA promote hospitals' continued participation.
Because of Colorado's diverse geography, it is not possible for all hospitals to attend COSAB meetings in person.
The COSAB is also working with the State Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention program on activities that focus on controlling hypertension and supporting EMS projects.
Before the implementation of the GWTG-Stroke program and participation on the COSAB, such performance measures and trending were not as immediately available.
Examples of measurements and definitions that are included in the COSAB GWTG-Stroke reporting program include:
Through the combined use of the superuser account, the AHA quality director's input, and the medical advisor's data analysis, the COSAB has been able to create projects and produce outcomes that support improving the quality of care in Colorado.
In addition to the trend reports, COSAB stakeholders collaborate and roll-out statewide quality improvement projects.
From the initial implementation in early 2006, the COSAB has continued to gain momentum.
The COSAB has also transitioned from being a voluntary task force of the CDPHE's Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Program umbrella to a partner with the CDPHE as a separate nonprofit entity.