COSACConférence des Organes Spécialisés dans les Affaires Communautaires (French: Conference of Community and European Affairs Committees of the Parliaments of the European Union)
COSACCenter for Outreach and Services for the Autism Community
COSACCometary Sampling and Composition (experiment)
COSACConferenza degli Organismi Specializzati Negli Affari Comunitari ed Europei dei Parlamenti dell'Unione Europea (Italian: Conference of Community and European Affairs Committees of the Parliaments of the European Union)
COSACCanadian Open Systems Applications Criteria
COSACCoalition of Service and Charity (Foundation; Florida)
COSACChurch of Service and Charity (Hollywood, Florida)
COSACCharity of Sean Anthony Cononie (Hollywood, Florida a group of service agencies)
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She will be on the COSAC secretariat between January 2014 and December 2015.
35) Denmark tried to strengthen the COSAC during its presidency in the second half of 2002, and to establish a permanent secretariat that would continuously monitor EU legislation and become a real institution.
NYSBA's House of Delegates approved the COSAC Report proposing the
La COSAC es, desde su origen, un instrumento de colaboracion interparlamentaria, a traves del cual los organos especializados en asuntos comunitarios de los distintos Parlamentos nacionales debaten en conjunto sus experiencias, problemas y proyectos.
A sampling of forced-choice and open-ended questions on the COSAC PA survey are presented in Table 1.
Project COSAC is a $100 million upgrade and extension to Chambishi Metals' treatment facility and Kvaerner was appointed as the managing contractor to Anglovaal Mining Limited (Avmin) for this unique and challenging project on the Copperbelt.
An estimated 18,000 people in New Jersey are autistic, according to COSAC, which is located in Ewing, N.
The COSAC project coming on stream in the first quarter of 2001 marks the restoration of government and industry working together.
Cononie, founder of the COSAC Helping People in America shelter, said after two months of talks with the Miami dailies, the paper has agreed to change its name to Homeless Voice of America.
Vella delivered a keynote speech at the LVII COSAC (Committees of Foreign and European Affairs of EU Member States and Candidate Countries) at the concluding day of this meeting.
Neophytou will be flying to Dublin on Sunday and will hold meetings on the sidelines of the COSAC Chairpersons` Meeting, organised by the Irish Presidency of the EU on January 27 and 28.
By a vote of 14-6, COSAC adopted a position in support of the proposal.