COSADCouncil on Smoking, Alcohol and Drugs (Swaziland)
COSADCoastal Oceanography for Sustainable Aquaculture Development (Canada)
COSADCardinal/Ordinal Skills Acquisition Device
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Art Cosad of Navarre provides some good advice about the bass fishing in the highland rivers.
One site, with 16 plots of 14x14 m (45x45 ft, Figure lA), was located on a Cosad loamy sand (sandy over clayey, mixed, mesic Aquic Udorthent), while the other with 16 plots of 18x18 m (60x60 ft) was built on a Kingsbury clay loam soil (fine, mixed, frigid, Aeric Ochraqualf).
Rate coefficient Nitrification Denitrification Soil type [d.sup.-1] Cosad Loamy Sand 0.391 0.004 Kingsbury Clay Loam 0.240 0.106 able 2 Flow-weighted mean groundwater [NO.sub.3]-N concentrations as affected by timing of manure application and soil type for the period fall 1997 to spring 2000.