COSALCCoalition of South African Library Consortia (South Africa)
COSALCColorado State Association of Letter Carriers (National Association of Letter Carriers)
COSALCCoastal Systems in Latin America and the Caribbean
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COSALC beaches were selected because of the expected impacts from proposed coastal developments and/or severe erosion observed in the past.
Options are available to integrate beach profile data and link it with the corresponding COSALC reference sites.
Southeast Peninsula GIS Layers Format Layers Feature Type Shapefiles Sediment Rate Monitoring Sites Point " COSALC Monitoring Sites Point " Coastline Line " Contours Line " Beaches Line " Roads Line " Coral Reefs Line " Bathymetry Line " Wetlands Polygon " Dunes Polygon " Developed Areas Polygon " SEP Area Polygon Source: Matenet 2000 and Opadeyi 2000 Table 4.