COSATCorporate Office of Science and Technology (Johnson & Johnson)
COSATCentre of Science and Technology
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SBFa requested information from COSAT in May 2013, but there has not been any formal positioning regarding the progress of the work (63).
Cosat notes, "Current music wire spring technology is basically the same as it was 100 years ago." Music wire has good tensile properties, good corrosion resistance and is easily formed into springs.
Cosat's company, Integrated Systems Management, Inc.
Vasconcellos (2007) revela que entre as criticas a RENAST destacam-se aquelas advindas de setores como da propria COSAT (SPS) do Ministerio da Saude, do Conselho Nacional de Secretarios Estaduais de Saude e da CUT, sobre o processo de elaboracao, em que ficou patente a desarticulacao das areas de politica e assistencia do Ministerio da Saude e as divergencias entre elas sobre o modelo da rede.
The USC Stevens Institute will lead a joint USC/JNJ COSAT review committee to select ideas developed by USC's faculty for funding through this programme.
Contou tambem com a participacao de integrantes da CGVAM e da Coordenacao de Saude do Trabalhador (Cosat).
Cosat explains the spring has passed its "first yield point," the point at which it will not return to its original length.
A Area Tecnica de Saude do Trabalhador (COSAT) foi vinculada a Secretaria Nacional de Vigilancia Sanitaria e, posteriormente, a Secretaria de Politicas de Saude e a Secretaria de Atencao a Saude (SAS).
Cosat claims that due to the materials and postcoiling treatments used in making ISMI springs, they lose free length at a much slower rate than music wire springs.