COSDClass of Service Description
COSDCore Operating System Division
COSDCareer Opportunities for Students with Disabilities
COSDCore Operating System Division (Microsoft)
COSDCommittee on Social Development
COSDCity of San Diego (California)
COSDCosine of an Argument in Degrees
COSDChild of Separation or Divorce
COSDCAD/CAM Operations Support Detachment
COSDCobbles and Sand (lithological term)
COSDCost of Service Delivery (management)
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The company claimed COSD would help the company deliver an integrated platform, although the strategy does appear to mirror activities in the Linux community.
The COSD for the CoinBox in Figure 5 consists of two AOSD's for its two state dependent data members.
In the following discussion, we show how test cases can be generated from the COSD in Figure 5 to detect the error we mentioned earlier.
The nodes of a test tree for a COSD represent the composite states of the COSD.