COSEMCoincidence-Ordered Subsets Expectation Maximization
COSEMCompanion Specification for Energy Metering
COSEMCoordination des Oeuvres Sociales et Medicales (French: Coordination of Social Works and Medical Affairs)
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Kalkitech is the leader in DLMS / COSEM stack and solutions like meter testing tools and simulators, and also provides other technology solutions in AMR / AMI, Protocol conversion, Data concentration using various wireless/wired media, and Plant Optimization software.
The meters will communicate with the master system via 3G / GPRS modem in the form of a removable module, or internal modem built in terms of standards DLMS / COSEM.
DLMS (Device Language Message Specification) is a standard for modeling the functionality of a smart meter as defined by the DLMS User Association; COSEM (COmpanion Specification for Energy Metering) is the rule set governing the exchange of data with energy meters.