COSEPCommittee on Special Educational Projects (Cornell University; New York)
COSEPCoalition of Special Education Parents
COSEPCareer Oriented Summer Employment Program (Canada)
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COSEP was started in 2004 by Torch Center, the Chinese government agency in charge of advocating technology industries.
Besides COSEP, Torch Center also monitors and supports 29 software parks around China which house software companies contributing more than 60% of all Chinese software revenue.
Instead, "people all over the country are vulnerable to being expropriated as part of this concession," COSEP president Jose Adan Aguerri told the Nicaragua Dispatch, an English-language news site.
COSEP suggests that, if Aleman considers himself innocent of the accusation that he participated in the embezzlement of US$1.
The cockroaches would include the 38 FSLN deputies, Cuadra, some 15 Liberals who were said to favor Cuadra, as well as COSEP, which also came out against Aleman.
As a businessman, he headed several companies and was president of the influential business organization Consejo Superior de la Empresa Privada, COSEP.
In talks about the crisis in agriculture and the high cost of energy, COSEP representatives pressed Aleman on the corruption issue.