COSEPCommittee on Special Educational Projects (Cornell University; New York)
COSEPCoalition of Special Education Parents
COSEPCareer Oriented Summer Employment Program (Canada)
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COSEP assailed it immediately, characterizing it as anti- competitive, a disincentive to investment, anti-export, and likely to increase the deficit in the trade-balance.
He called them "cockroaches." The cockroaches would include the 38 FSLN deputies, Cuadra, some 15 Liberals who were said to favor Cuadra, as well as COSEP, which also came out against Aleman.
Jose Adan Aguerri, the recently reappointed head of the Consejo Superior de la Empresa Privada en Nicaragua (COSEP), an influential, private-sector business association that works closely with the Ortega regime, said the vote to approve NICA 2017 had been expected and had actually taken place later than anticipated.
Jose Adam Aguerri, Cosep's president, said this measure will ensure that demand from the domestic market is met and will lead to reduced prices for consumers.
Education Projects (COSEP), in order to increase the presence of African
Kristy Cosep led the win for SAIS with goals in the 15th and 30th minute.
(1.) Cosep Consultoria, Consaude Lda., Programa Nacional de Controle da Malaria.
The Private Company Coalition of Nicaragua (COSEP, for its name in Spanish) claimed that the draft law cannot come into full effect until the route of the future canal is established, and a compensation for the current landowners is determined.