COSEPCommittee on Special Educational Projects (Cornell University; New York)
COSEPCoalition of Special Education Parents
COSEPCareer Oriented Summer Employment Program (Canada)
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11) En estos buenos resultados macroeconomicos, el COSEP no ocultaba su satisfaccion por el hecho de que "el sector privado .
En 1985, con el apoyo moral del COSEP y de la jerarquia catolica, la CIA consolido una plataforma politica anti-sandinista, el FDN (1982), que luego se llamo la UNO (36), cuyo presidente era el empresario Adolfo Calero.
COSEP was started in 2004 by Torch Center, the Chinese government agency in charge of advocating technology industries.
La retorica antiburguesa de los sandinistas, la represion en la zona central norte, los controles estatales de la comercializacion, el arresto de la cupula del COSEP en octubre de 1981 y el impuesto disfrazado que suponia la brecha entre precios internos y externos del cafe profundizaron el distanciamiento entre muchos cafetaleros y el gobierno.
We will enter into a dialogue with them when the gentlemen of COSEP count all the grains of sand in the ocean, and all the stars in the sky, and the day they finish counting, they'll have to go back and count two times more, and then we'll think it over many times before giving them an answer.
COSEP supports the canal project in theory but sees the HKND concession as a major mistake.
Let's take advantage of this opportunity to move the country forward," Ramiro Gurdian, a former COSEP head, told Confidencial.
Another meeting is planned for mid-December with the COSEP leadership at which development proposals between the private sector and the government will be discussed.
Terms thereunder, relating to turnaround, the organization of the site and its coordination with other firms to be carried out simultaneously in the context of work reorganization of the site are described in terms of coordination established by COSEP.
COSEP assailed it immediately, characterizing it as anti- competitive, a disincentive to investment, anti-export, and likely to increase the deficit in the trade-balance.
COSEP suggests that, if Aleman considers himself innocent of the accusation that he participated in the embezzlement of US$1.