COSFCgi Open Source Foundry
COSFCGI (Common Gateway Interface) Open Source Federation
COSFChild Outcomes Summary Form (various locations)
COSFConejo Open Space Foundation (est. 1995; Thousand Oaks, CA)
COSFCity of San Francisco (California)
COSFChildren of Sikkim Foundation (orphaned children fund)
COSFCapital Outlay Stabilization Fund (Arizona)
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"However, we think that just as the military community has a responsibility to reach out to the civilian community, civilian Americans have a responsibility to engage with and better understand our lifestyle, service, assets and need," said COSF Executive Director Kristina Kaufmann.
Headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, COSF encompasses several meaningful promises all Americans (the 99 per-cent) can make
COSF identified, vetted and established working relationships with hundreds of support organizations most sensitive to the complexities of military service.
Adams also received a salary for her work as a chiropractic physician paid from the COSF and OVY checking accounts.
Saviamente scrivete che ad questo principio sopra tutto bisogna la iustizia, cosf ne la cita come nel contado.
(116.) That Machiavelli actually made this claim is evident from Francesco Soderini's reply to him of 4 March 1506 (Machiavelli, 1961, 178): "Saviamente scrivete che ad questo principio sopra tutto bisogna la iusrizia, cosf ne la cita come nel contado." In the letter to hi brother of the same date, the Cardinal similarly argues that the military reform under discussion requires a revival of "la obedienzia per la justizia, sl ne la citta come nel contado." Forth latter quotation, see note 114 above.
/ cosf ragion pacifica reina / de' sensi fassi, e se medesma affina."