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COSHHyperbolic Cosine
COSHCouncil on Smoking and Health
COSHCouncil for Occupational Safety and Health
COSHCommittee on Occupational Safety and Health
COSHCommittee for Occupational Safety and Health
COSHCommittee on School Health
COSHControl of Substances and Hazards
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His next trip to COSH coincided with my regular second-Tuesday-of-the-month visit.
p, q](t)/[partial derivative]t = (1 + 2q)(3 + cosh 2qt)cosh(2q + 1)t - 6q (sinh 2qt)(2qt cosh t + sinh t)/[q.
Cosh has a hard time believing that Pauchay's lawyer would lead his client into a tougher environment.
I think as a team we have all been under the cosh but it has brought us closer together and that shows how united we are.
Lee struck Mr Murphy over the head with an extendable metal cosh.
Net was ranked first in customer satisfaction among free Internet Service Providkind of shopping experience, with cash back on shopping portal that returns cash rebates to cosh rewards by shopping online.
They are on trial at Cardiff Crown Court with associate Jennifer Cosh.
They were hit with a cosh and threatened with what is believed to be a gun before the pair fled.
A police spokesman said: "An altercation took place and the boys were assaulted with what is believed to be a cosh.