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COSHHyperbolic Cosine
COSHCouncil on Smoking and Health
COSHCouncil for Occupational Safety and Health
COSHCommittee on Occupational Safety and Health
COSHCommittee for Occupational Safety and Health
COSHCommittee on School Health
COSHControl of Substances and Hazards
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``While they were filming she was told she had to 'act happy' and that if she didn't cooperate she would be hit with the cosh, '' said Mr Atkinson.
Indeed, playing at their Blackweir home, St Joseph's had memorable Welsh Cup wins that included Paul Cosh outplaying Swansea skipper Alun Meredith in a 20-0 win over UCW Aberystwyth.
One of them repeatedly hit the 55-year-old man over the head with the cosh, threatened him with a gun and demanded he hand over cash.
``You hit this man on the head with a piece of electric cable taped like a cosh.
With ADHD affecting around three to five children per 100, we must embrace solutions other than a chemical cosh.
"To hit someone with a cosh in this way could cause very serious injury indeed," he told the defendant.
The 17-year-old was at a birthday party at the West Denton Social Club in Newcastle when there was a disturbance outside the premises and he was hit from behind by a cosh, leaving him with a cut to the head.
It is understood a weapon seized in one of the taxis was an extendable cosh. Drugs thought to be cocaine have been sent for analysis.
The final stabbing of Cosh in his buttock was said to have been simply gratuitous violence.
Rovers were under the cosh for much of the Northwest Conference contest but maintained their discipline.
Cosh later told officers he had done it on several occasions over a month or six weeks and could not explain why.
Under the cosh for the first 20 minutes during which Wigan took the lead through Lee McCulloch, Wycombe tested keeper John Filan on 22 minutes with Andy Thomson's shot.