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COSICenter Of Science and Industry (Columbus, OH, USA)
COSICost of Savings Index
COSIClient-Oriented Scale of Improvement (National Acoustic Laboratory; Australia)
COSICollege of Staten Island (Jersey City, NJ)
COSICreative Outsourcing Solutions International (UK)
COSIComputational Optical Sensing and Imaging
COSICloseout System Installation (NASA)
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In addition to COSI, HRA partnered on events with the United Way of Union County, the Union County Community Care Train and the Cory Lunger Foundation in 2016.
The final regulations do, however, provide some relief from the virtually "automatic" linkage between pre-reorganization redemptions (and extraordinary distributions) and satisfaction of the COSI requirement.
COSI Group Chief Executive BobbyTolan decided totake the 'leanleap' todriveupqualitydelivery productivity and eliminatewaste.
In January 1998, the Service issued final regulations on the COSI requirement, substantially liberalizing its traditional formulation (TD 8760).
And audiences and the COSI Team couldnt be happier.
Previously, COSI generally required the shareholders of a target corporation (Target) to maintain a continuing proprietary interest in the post-reorganization entity.
Under the proposed rules, COSI would be satisfied if the acquiring corporation furnishes consideration in the reorganization that represents a proprietary interest in its (or its parent's) affairs.
SPBs enable completely new types of science investigations, such as we are attempting with COSI, said Steven Boggs, professor of physics at Berkeley and leader of the COSI collaboration.
COSI[R]" and related marks are registered trademarks of COSI, Inc.
Widely recognized as an authority in global taste and menu development, his accomplishments were recognized as part of COSI being named "Innovator of the Year" by New Products Magazine in 2005.
our franchise partner in Costa Rica, now developing into the Republic of Panam, said RJ Dourney, Cosis President and CEO.