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COSICComputer Security and Industrial Cryptography (Catholic University of Leuven; Belgium)
COSICCoffee Science Information Center
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Blind athletes were categorized in sport class of sensory impairment of vision B1 while the visually impaired athletes were categorized in sport class of sensory impairment of vision B2 (Cosic et al., 2014).
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According to Damir Cosic, Nepal's World Bank country economist, the remittances have worked as a cushion to the shock and are indeed the brighter side of the country's economy.
"Should a slowdown in remittances occur, appropriate monetary and fiscal policy responses are required as well as enhanced supervision of the financial sector," said Damir Cosic, the World Bank's Senior Country Economist for Nepal and lead author of the report.
The unique nature of the tender process had invited domestic criticism that it was 'politically correct or tokenistic' (Cosic, 1997).
The representation of "photon temporal patterns" as information within the cells is particularly relevant in light of recent theoretical, quantitative and experimental evidence of "molecular resonance recognition" as defined by Cosic [5].
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