COSIMClimate, Ocean and Sea Ice Modeling
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Cheikh Aboubacar Fofana, COSIM's president and 'cheikh (master) of imams' since 2006, referred to the apocryphal Hadith quoted at the start of this article to defend the view that love of one's country (watan in Arabic) is an article of faith.
COSIM is actually an application of Model Driven Architecture (MDA) for stochastic modeling and simulation.
First, we applied CLUTO soft using a hierarchical partitional clustering algorithm (with cosim similarity and K=10 clusters) to cluster learners' sessions in the training set.
Universal Detector Units attached to the buildings receive a multitude of direct-fire signals, from Miles, Cosim, Osag, React and other simulation systems, to register a building 'hit', send the signal to the building's computer system and then provide immediate engagement effects to the soldiers (see lead photo).
In February an unknown gunman shot at five members of the executive committee of the Ivoirian High Council of Imams (COSIM) who were meeting on the terrace of the Riviera Mosque in Abidjan.
Fernando Suarez, Dinah Dominguez, Liz Alindogan, Rianna Diego, Nanette Luciano, Ramon Mauricio, Amarice Banares, Winnie Velasquez, Cheryl Cosim and Ian Veneracion...
The Codarts set-up entails the use by each unit, be it human or hardware, of Cosim elements, which include laser emitters, receivers/reflectors and radio reporting equipment.
s range of eye-safe laser Class 1 simulators include members of the Cosim family, marketed in partnership with Swiss Electronics.
For example, the Cosim INF element of the system uses a focused laser beam in the infantryman's body harness transceivers to enable individual body areas to be targeted and ballistic ammunition effects to be considered.