COSINORCompanhia Siderúrgica do Nordeste (Brazil)
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2 of the online Data Supplement, the diurnal rhythm of cystatin C was visualized by fitting a cosinor model through the average data points.
When analysed by cosinor periodogram (Table 2), Bmal1 expression was shown to exhibit significant circadian rhythmicity in BMSCs (p = 0.007), whilst Per2 was just short of significance (p = 0.076), and all three circadian clock genes (Bmal1, Per2, and Rev-ErbA[alpha]) showed circadian rhythmicity in ADSCs (p = 0.006, p = 0.021, and p = 0.001, resp.).
Once melatonin concentration was significantly different throughout the time points (one-way ANOVA, P = 0.02543), the cosinor test was applied.
A frequency-domain model such as spectral analysis or cosinor accounts for variation in the time series by fitting periodic (rhythmic) functions.
In the steel industry Gerdau, the largest non-flat steel producer, acquired a 100 per cent holding in Cosinor and an 89.8 per cent stake in Piratini, thereby considerably increasing its strength in the market.
Evidence of a diurnal rhythm was indicated by a significant cosinor model fit.
In the second, because of the association between season and trimester of exposure (Table 1, Figure 2), we instead parameterized f (ti) as a smooth, periodic, sinusoidal function of time known as the cosinor [Barnett and Dobson 2010; see Supplemental Material, Equations S1-S4 (].
The time-related data for all volunteers were analyzed for the presence of diurnal changes with the methods for cosinor rhythmometry for groups, as described previously (3).
The diurnalrhythmofserumFGF21 wasquantitatively described with cosinor analysis (21).