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COSLAConvention Of Scottish Local Authorities (Scotland)
COSLAChief Officers of State Library Agencies
COSLAComité pour la Simplification du Langage Administratif (French: Committee for the Simplification of Administrative Language)
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But COSLA want nurses to continue negotiating individual deals with their local councils - which can mean nursery nurses in neighbouring areas get paid different rates for the same job.
COSLA therefore welcome the proposal by the Cabinet Secretary for a further consultation on the modernisation of Planning legislation and regulation by an independent panel and will play a full and constructive part in the review.
COSLA boss, Pat Watters, demands a national pay deal for councillors.
COSLA President Pat Watters said he was extremely disappointed with the plans.
Jack McConnell must now give COSLA a clip round the ear and step in to safeguard our young ones.
Pat Watters, Convener of COSLA, refused to give a national deal to low-paid nursery nurses.
Of course, it's not just COSLA who have betrayed Scotland's nursery nurses - the Scottish Executive is also to blame.
COSLA President Pat Watters said: "An all-out strike is completely unnecessary.
COSLA President PatWatters said: ``We have said all along the only way to resolve this is for unions and individual councils to get back round the table.
COSLA president Pat Waters, who led a delegation of Scottish employers, said: "I want to see us all back around the table.
It is understood COSLA will stop short of a ban on public sales.
COSLA, the body who represent local authorities, have so far said they can only afford about pounds 5 per week.