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Johnson) Consort (Alberto-Culver) Contrast (Avon) Cool Mint (Warner-Lambert) Coppertone (Schering-Plough) Corn Silk (Del Laboratories) Correctives (Coty) Cortexx (Alberto-Culver) Cosmar (New Dana) Country Air (USA) Country Pottery (S.C.
Currently New Dana Perfumes is comprised of New Cosmar, its cosmetics and nail care segment, and Dana Classic Fragrances, its fragrance arm.
ARTIFICIAL NAILS Market Dollar sales Leading brands Manufacturer share (000) Kiss Kiss Products 18.3% $16,939 Broadway Nails Kiss Products 14.4% 13,358 Nallene Pacific World 10.4% 9,616 Fing'rs Fing'rs 9.0% 8,334 Sally Hansen Professional Del Laboratories 5.0% 4,631 Nallene Color Pacific World 3.5% 3,269 IBD 5 Second Int'l Beauty Designs 3.4% 3,110 California Girl Fing'rs 3.0% 2,761 Press & Go New Cosmar 2.6% 2,361 Sally Hansen Del Laboratories 2.5% 2,294 Dollar sales: Total (*) $92.5 mil.
Artificial nails/accessories (*) Market Brand Manufacturer share Kiss Kiss Products 18.8% Broadway Nails Kiss Products 14.9% Nailene Pacific World 11.0% Sally Hansen Professional Del Laboratories 5.1% IBD 5 Second Int'l Beauty Designs 5.0% Fing'rs Fing'rs 4.6% Cosmar Press & Go New Cosmar 4.0% Nailene Color Express Pacific World 3.7% Pro 10 New Cosmar 3.3% Jonel AM Cosmetics 2.4% Sales: $59.0mil.
A spokeswoman for the Cosmar division of New Dana Perfume Corp.
That is particularly evident with New Dana's Cosmar nail care line.
Another new lip gloss on the market is Cosmar Corn's Nat Robbins HydraWear.
(12.2%) BEST-SELLING BRANDS Market Dollar sales Brand Manufacturer share (000) Cover Girl Procter & Gamble 28.3% $46,446 Maybelline Cosmair 26.5% 43,526 Revlon Revlon 18.0% 29,464 L'Oreal Cosmair 12.0% 19,697 Almay Revlon 4.5% 7,356 Jane Estee Lauder 2.5% 4,130 Max Factor Procter & Gamble 2.2% 3,583 Wet `n' Wild AM Cosmetics 1.1% 1,843 Nat Robbins Cosmar 1.0% 1,583 Physicians Formula Pierre Fabre 0.9% 1,409 Unit Sales BY TRADE CLASS Discounters 1.85 mil.
Marketing three brands of artificial nail products - Pro 10, Cosmar and Nail fetish -- the manufacturer looks to capture the artificial nail user for life, she notes.
"We are still seeing a lot of interest in such brands as Cosmar [Corp.]'s Pro 10 and the [Entrecap Corp.'s] Fing'rs line," remarks Snyder's Drug Stores cosmetics buyer Peggy Williams.
Bloom singled out the nail care category as an example, citing Cosmar Corp.
AM Cosmetics, Renaissance Cosmetics Inc.'s Cosmar division and Del Laboratories Inc.'s Sally Hansen are also among those marketing versions of blue nail polish.