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COSPCircle of Safe Parenting (course)
COSPConference of State Parties (United Nation Convention Against Corruption)
COSPChoeur et Orchestre de Sciences-Po (French choir and orchestra)
COSPCompagnie d'Organisation des Salons des Professions (French trade fair organizer)
COSPConsumer Operated Service Program
COSPCommencement of Sea Passage
COSPCommunity Offender Support Program (Australia)
COSPCentre d'Orientation Scolaire et Professionnelle et de Psychologie Scolaire (Switzerland)
COSPCommunity for Open Source Promotion
COSPCode of Standard Practice (AISC)
COSPConférence d’Orientation Stratégique et de Programmation (Conference on Strategic Orientation and Planning)
COSPCertified Ogone Solution Provider
COSPConnection-Oriented Session Protocol
COSPCustomer-Owned Outside Plant
COSPCanadian Oil Substitution Program
COSPCity of Self Pity (Liverpool nickname; UK)
COSPContinued Operational Safety Program (aviation)
COSPCommander, Oceanographic Systems, Pacific
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The first four weeks of the CoSP groups focus on how to understand and meet children's needs, thus building the sense of love and security every child needs.
The CoSP group educates parents about a "rupture and repair" strategy to help deal with situations that have gone badly.
The development of the ARM cloud radar simulator has followed the COSP workflow (Fig.
Adapting QuickBeam to the ARM cloud radar simulator within COSP required two changes: one was to set the frequency to 35 GHz for the ARM Ka-band cloud radar, as opposed to 94 GHz used for the CloudSat W-band radar, and the second was to invert the view to be from the ground to space so as to attenuate the beam correctly.
The ARM cloud radar simulator makes use of the COSP subgrid-scale generator ("SCOPS") to produce subgrid-scale distributions of clouds and precipitation from GCM outputs to address the scale mismatch between a GCM gridbox and ARM point measurements.
It is hoped that incorporating the ARM simulator within COSP will greatly facilitate its use by the climate modeling community.
Both the delegations appreciated to avail this opportunity to interact on the on the sidelines of 6th session of CoSP to United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC) at St.
As recently as the second session of the CoSP held in 2008, there appeared to be firm and widespread opposition to peer review.
When the first session of the CoSP was held in Amman, Jordan, in December 2006, the discussions on a review mechanism were long and convoluted.
In preparing for the second session of the CoSP in Bali at the beginning of 2008, the Secretariat looked at existing review mechanisms and, on that basis, set out what it regarded as elements that could be incorporated into the UNCAC review mechanism:
COSP to the UNCAC was established to improve the capacity of and cooperation between States Parties to achieve the objectives set forth in the Convention, and to promote and review its implementation.
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