COSRCard of Safe Return (Yu-Gi-Oh! card)
COSRCost of Service Ratio (statistic)
COSRCombat and Operational Stress Reactions (US DoD)
COSRContracted-out Salary Related
COSRCircular Overpile Stacker Reclaimer (construction)
COSRConventional Ordnance Safety Review
COSRContinued Operations Safety Report (UK nuclear industry)
COSRCenter for Optical Signature Recognition
COSRContinuity of Operations - Secure Recovery
COSRContinued Operational Safety Case
COSRCommanding Officer's Stateroom
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Note that the correlation coefficient between cost of maintenance service over acquisition cost ratio (COSR) and TAT is near zero (r = +0.03) (see details in Table 2), indicating that TAT and COSR are fully independent; therefore, COSR could be used as dependent variable measuring financial performance in future research.
Unlike ASR and COSR, which are conceived to be transient and "normal," ASD is a distinct clinical entity, first incorporated into the psychiatric nosology in DSM-IV.
Tae totae heatinl cosr fof all homes and apartmenty in 200t waestoximated tbere amoan$7200 billion B U.T.
Specifically, if dysfunction is noted within the first 30 days of exposure to a traumatic event (along with the other requisite symptoms), then the clinician would consider COSR or ASD as viable diagnoses.
By the time an individual is referred or volunteers to enroll in a restoration program, he or she has exhibited or is beginning to experience COSR.
Albert is a tan Labrador retriever that was donated to my detachment by an organization named America's VetDogs to assist our efforts in treating clients who had experienced combat and operational stress reactions (COSR) during their tour of duty.