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COSSCertified Occupational Safety Specialist
COSSCentre for Open Source Software
COSSCommon Object Services Specification
COSSCost of Service Study (various locations)
COSSCorridors of Statewide Significance (Virginia Department of Transportation)
COSSCommercial Open Source Software (licensing status)
COSSCarotid Occlusion Surgery Study
COSSCouncils of Social Services (New Zealand)
COSSCooperative Osteosarcoma Study Group
COSSController of Site Safety (UK railway engineering)
COSSController of Site Safety (Named supervisor of work gangs on UK railways)
COSSCommissioner of Social Security
COSSCo-Orbit Support Systems
COSSCentaur Operations at the Space Station (NASA)
COSSCrew On-orbit Support Systems (NASA)
COSSContracts and Other Support Services (Federal Acquisition Regulation)
COSSCustomer Oriented Strategic System
COSSColorado Organization of Slalom Skateboarding
COSSContractor-Operated Storage Sites
COSSCommander's OPSEC Support System
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Junto con sicarios del Coss, los infantes de Marina atacaron la casa del entonces lider en Matamoros.
In most of this research, a more recent version of the CoSS (i.
Full cleanup of Area G would be a win-win for New Mexicans, permanently protecting our precious groundwater and the Rio Grande while creating hundreds of high-paying jobs for 20 years or more," Coss said.
Las pugnas del cartel tambien obligaron al Junior a huir de Matamoros y refugiarse en la vecina Brownsville, Texas; las Fuerzas Armadas descubrian y atacaban constantemente sus refugios y el estaba seguro de que El Coss filtraba sus ubicaciones.
Coss may deem these interpretations excessive or flawed, but the monograph takes little account of them and none of religion as motivating, unifying, and steadying factors.
According to Mexican officials, El Coss became the boss of one faction of the Gulf Cartel when the former leader Antonio Ezequiel Cardenas Guillen - known as 'Tony Tormenta' - was shot dead in a gunfight with marines in 2010.
First, Attack Other, especially as operationalized in the CoSS, may be quite passive, involving angry thoughts and fantasies as opposed to physical confrontation.
The COSS cohort included patients at very high risk for a second stroke.
Ellen Coss Brown and, inset left, with her son Peter Heartache.
Coss (military history, US Army Command and General Staff College, Virginia) writes this history to correct the long standing assumption that Wellington's Peninsular Campaign redcoats were drawn from society's dregs.
oreganus is the primary predator of ground squirrel pups (Coss, 1991; Swaisgood, Owings, & Rowe, 1999), rattlesnakes typically do not display predatory behaviors toward adult California ground squirrels (Hennessy & Owings, 1988), which have developed physiological resistance to rattlesnake venoms (Poran, Coss, & Benjamini, 1987; Coss, Guse, Poran, & Smith, 1993) and also demonstrate behavioral tactics of harassing and even attacking rattlesnakes (Owings & Coss, 1977).