COSSAConsortium of Social Science Associations (Washington, DC)
COSSACommission on Spanish Speaking Affairs (Michigan Department of Energy, Labor and Economic Growth; Lansing, MI)
COSSACentral Oregon Shooting Sports Association (Bend, OR)
COSSAContainerized Shipment and Storage of Ammunition
COSSAComputer Science Students Association
COSSACSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) Office of Space Science & Applications (Australia)
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"I'm sure they've done their psychological profiles of Donald Trump, just like the CIA has profiled Kim Jong-un," said Cossa. "The difference is that Kim Jong-un is a much harder nut to crack than Donald Trump, who's much more transparent.
(56.) Ralph Cossa, US EEP, personal communication with the author, 4 July 2014, p.
In a bright box, I type: Et ricordare suplicando a quella che io sonto franchescho del cossa il quale a sollo fatto quili tri canpi verso lanticamara:
In the section titled "Camera" (which comes first or second, depending on the version you read), 16-year-old Georgia "George" Cook mourns the unexpected loss of her spirited, unconventional mother, whose passion for the art of 15th-century painter Francesco del Cossa unites them now as George begins to piece together her mother's shadowy past.
The book is split into two sections; one following the spirit of the Renaissance painter Francesco del Cossa as he explores the modern world, and the other focusing on troubled teenager George.
My guide Nery Pires Cossa, an energetic recent school-leaver who is also a native of Mafalala himself, recounted its history as a kernel of resistance during the liberation struggle.
De ahi escenas como Stamen auri I, II, III, en las que aparecen dos cuerpos separados a la vez que unidos por un "hilo de luz", simbolo que enlaza con el elemento iconografico de la columna presente en obras como la de la Anunciacion de Francesco del Cossa (1470), en la que una columna situada en el eje visual liga a las dos figuras, la del angel y la de la Virgen, funcionando como centro de la composicion, ademas de como simbolo de identificacion con Cristo o la Virgen (Figura 1, Figura 2).
In chapter six Poggio attains the position of apostolic secretary to "the sinister, sly and ruthless Baldassare Cossa" (154), and we learn of his spats with Lorenzo Valla and of the Aretine smut that besmirched the Curia in Rome.