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COSTCommittee on Science and Technology
COSTCouncil on State Taxation
COSTCooperation in the Field of Scientific and Technical Research
COSTChurch of Spiritual Technology
COSTCollege of Saint Thomas (Fort Worth, Texas)
COSTContingency Operations Support Tool (US DoD)
COSTComité d'Orientation Scientifique et Technique (French: Scientific and Technical Steering Committee; various organizations)
COSTCooperation in the Field of Science and Technology Research (Europe)
COSTContracting Officer Support Tool
COSTCharlotteans Opposed to Sports Taxes (North Carolina)
COSTCitizens Opposed to the SunCoast Tollway, Inc. (Florida)
COSTContemporary Operations Studies Team
COSTCouncil of Summer Theatres
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This system may have cost from twenty to fifty millions, yet it may be hired for one-eighth the cost of renting an automobile.
They had undervalued the cost of building and maintenance.
After the triumph of the international proletariat, war would of course be inconceivable; and who can figure the cost of war to humanity--not merely the value of the lives and the material that it destroys, not merely the cost of keeping millions of men in idleness, of arming and equipping them for battle and parade, but the drain upon the vital energies of society by the war attitude and the war terror, the brutality and ignorance, the drunkenness, prostitution, and crime it entails, the industrial impotence and the moral deadness?
The price is the labor it has cost to make and deliver it, and it is determined by the first principles of arithmetic.
The young men and women were determined to secure an education at any cost.
This, of course, I gladly accepted, because it was a place where I could work out nearly all the cost of my board.
But in January Savelich came from Moscow and gave him an account of the state of things there, and spoke of the estimate an architect had made of the cost of rebuilding the town and country houses, speaking of this as of a settled matter.
The cost had materially exceeded her expectations, and she could not return home without disposing of some article she had in her reticule, to supply the vacuum left in her purse.
It cost a napoleon, madame, and was made expressly for myself.
I intend to build me a house which will surpass any on the main stret in Concord in grandeur and luxury, as soon as it pleases me as much and will cost me no more than my present one.
Thereupon the Thrifty Person brought an action against the Chief of the Weather Bureau for the cost of the umbrellas.
At the present moment (August, 1853) there is a suit before the court which was commenced nearly twenty years ago, in which from thirty to forty counsel have been known to appear at one time, in which costs have been incurred to the amount of seventy thousand pounds, which is A FRIENDLY SUIT, and which is