COSTINDCommission of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defence (China)
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71) After the organization was restructured in 2008, the NEB took over nuclear power authority from the former COSTIND.
116) The competent authority changed from the State Science and Technology Commission to the COSTIND, and then the MIIT.
On October 17, Perry and PLA General Ding Henggao, Director of COSTIND, conducted the first meeting of the newly-established U.
March 25-28 A Deputy Director of COSTIND, Lieutenant General Huai Guomo, visited Washington to meet with officials at the Department of Commerce, Department of Defense, and people in the private sector to discuss possible projects for the Joint Defense Conversion Commission.
Select Abbreviations AMS Academy of Military Science CMC Central Military Commission COSTIND Commission of Science, Technology, and Industry for National Defense CPC Communist Party of China DCT Defense Consultative Talks DPMO Defense POW/Missing Personnel Office GAD General Armament Department GLD General Logistics Department GPD General Political Department GSD General Staff Department MR Military Region MMCA Military Maritime Consultative Agreement NDU National Defense University PACOM Pacific Command PLAAF People's Liberation Army Air Force PLAN People's Liberation Army Navy Table 1.
China expressed an interest in the proposal, and initial talks between the COSTIND and Navantia were held in January 1996.