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Goethe said that every bon mot of his had cost a purse of gold.
In exactly the same way, as the citizens of our Industrial Republic become refined, year by year the cost of slaughterhouse products will increase; until eventually those who want to eat meat will have to do their own killing--and how long do you think the custom would survive then?--To go on to another item--one of the necessary accompaniments of capitalism in a democracy is political corruption; and one of the consequences of civic administration by ignorant and vicious politicians, is that preventable diseases kill off half our population.
This I succeeded in doing to such an extent that I was soon informed that I would be allowed the full cost of my board in return for my work.
But in January Savelich came from Moscow and gave him an account of the state of things there, and spoke of the estimate an architect had made of the cost of rebuilding the town and country houses, speaking of this as of a settled matter.
"It cost a napoleon, madame, and was made expressly for myself."
"You do not expect to sell it at what it cost?" was the dry answer.
Dai Lloyd Plaid Cymru South Wales West Travel costs: pounds 2,483.20 Office costs: pounds 13,736.24 Additional costs: pounds 0 Staff salaries : pounds 75,987.26 Most notable claim: Spent pounds 2,070 advertising his constituency surgeries in Swansea City's programme and pounds 1,468.75 in the Ospreys'.
In other words, the private sector employers have already insisted that their employees pay a significant portion of health care costs with higher deductibles and greater co-pays.
"The best way to control both labor and energy costs is to replace old balers with new balers designed with highly efficient electric motors and new high-pressure hydraulics," says Richard Harris, managing director for Sierra International Machinery's Recycling and Solid Waste Division, based in Keller, Texas.
Most specialty drugs treat chronic or complex illnesses that affect less than 3% of the general population, but they come with a significant price tag--these patients account for 25% to 30% of a company's overall medical costs. On average, a specialty-drug patient spends $1,400 for a 30-day supply of medication, and this figure continues to rise.
The Sixth Circuit was the first circuit to consider the question presented here, in O'Neill, 994 F2d 302 (1993).That case established the rule that a trust's costs attributable to the trustee's fiduciary duty, and not required outside trust administration, fall within the Sec.
Kats, Green Building Costs and Financial Benefits at 4, available at 059F3481.pdf.