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COSTSCommittee on Science and Technology Studies (Brown University)
COSTSCost of Supporting Technology Services (information technology project)
COSTSCouncil of Southwestern Theological Schools
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The price is the labor it has cost to make and deliver it, and it is determined by the first principles of arithmetic.
Obviously it is the labor cost of the paper, printing, and binding of it--about a fifth of its present cost.
In exactly the same way, as the citizens of our Industrial Republic become refined, year by year the cost of slaughterhouse products will increase; until eventually those who want to eat meat will have to do their own killing--and how long do you think the custom would survive then?
This I succeeded in doing to such an extent that I was soon informed that I would be allowed the full cost of my board in return for my work.
It cost a napoleon, madame, and was made expressly for myself.
It takes a unique combination of engineering and tax expertise to properly analyze construction information, compute industry-standard estimates and identify and segregate the subcomponent costs needed for cost segregation, however.
Many experts said the costs are hidden because the medical problems caused by childhood obesity do not surface until the population reaches its 20s.
Capital and operational costs escalate through the purchase and management of dozens of isolated and independent hardware components, software products, and management tools.
But if we deploy cost seg techniques during construction, we are able to use the subcontractors to allocate the costs.
Compare equipment rates and transportation costs for locally procured equipment vs.
The focus of Public Education as a Business comes after the colon: the real costs of K-12 public schooling.
7) Nonetheless, there was at the very least a perception that IRS field agents read INDOPCO as creating a new category of capitalizable costs.