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They found that 0.5 mg/mL of Costus spectabilis extract significantly decreased the opacity of the lens.
found very significant zone of inhibition using Costus pictus leaf oil against various bacterial isolates when compared with various antibiotic.
Bio synthesis, characterization and activity studies of Ag nanoparticals, by (Costus ingneus) insulin plant extract.
Fresh Costus igneus (N.E.Br) (Costaceae family) rhizome was harvested from Periyar Maniammai University nursery in the month of April (2008).
The aerial parts of Coccinia grandis (CG), Costus specious (CS), Desmodium gangeticum (DG), Mimosa pudica (MP) and Psidium guava (PG) were collected from the central province of Sri Lanka and identified by comparison with the respective herbarium specimen available at the National Herbarium of the Peradeniya Botanical Gardens in Kandy, Sri Lanka.
The normalizing effects of crude extracts of Costus speciosus have been reported in diabetic complications in streptozotocin (STZ)-induced diabetic rats [27].
Bee pollination floral morphology evolved from a generalist insect pollination floral form once in African species of the genus Costus (Specht, 2006a, b).
The Lodge has been described as "an Elizabethan Manor for the 21st century", which is precisely what Costus was aiming for.
(Sigua), Urera baccifera L., Persea americana Miller, Cassia alata L., Boldoa purpurascens Cav (Nitro blanco), Bidens pilosa L (Romerillo blanco) y Costus cylindricus Jacq.
clinging here To the tree grown for it; costus dubius;
Dadl Prydain a gwledydd eraill yw fod drones, neu awyrennau di-beilot, yn llawer llai costus na awyrennau traddodiadol, yn ogystal ag arbed bywydau peilotiaid.