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COSYCorrelation Spectroscopy
COSYCompilation System
COSYChurch of Scotland Youth (UK)
COSYCooler Synchrotron
COSYCollaborative Organization of Services for Youth (South Carolina)
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The house was quite beautiful, and no doubt Wendy was very cosy within, though, of course, they could no longer see her.
The little house looked so cosy and safe in the darkness, with a bright light showing through its blinds, and the chimney smoking beautifully, and Peter standing on guard.
Now she was leaning against him, in a cosy, confiding way, delightful to behold, while Will's strong arm went round her with a protecting air, which said, as plainly as any words, that this big brother and small sister knew how to love and help one another.
If she was a rosy, cosy little woman, like Polly, it would come easier, though," thought Tom, as he meditatively ate his last nut, feeling that fraternal affection could not be very difficult of demonstration, to brothers blessed with pretty, good-tempered sisters.
This wasn't one of them languishing sort wot sits about in cosy corners and reads story-books, and don't care what's happening in the home so long as they find out what became of the hero in his duel with the Grand Duke.
She slept until the dream was quite finished and woke feeling deliciously cosy just as morning was breaking from its egg, and then she almost fell asleep again, and then she called out, "Tony," for she thought she was at home in the nursery.
Six cats occupied various cosy corners; one of them, the black goblin which had so terrified us in the summer, blinked satirically at us from the centre of Peg's bed.
Every Wednesday, from 10am - 11am, we're calling on people from the community who might be feeling isolated, or those who just want to have a chat, to pop in to Cosy Club Liverpool, located on Paradise Street, in the city centre, to enjoy a cup of tea with other like-minded people.
For delicious scrumptious meals that will make you glow The lovely Cosy Cafe is the place to go.
Autumn watercolour leaves cushion, PS23.99, Mode Prints ( Placing scatter cushions here and there means you can draw attention to cosy corners that might be ignored.
The unit being eyed up by Cosy Club used to be the home of Italian restaurant Strada, in Tacoma Square on the waterfront.