COTACConference on Training in Architectural Conservation
COTACCooperation in Transportation And Communication
COTACCommittee on Transport and Communications (Malaysia)
COTACCollege of Trade and Commerce (North Charleston, SC)
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The COTAC already had started to slow the jet when I took back the controls.
By 0030 (17 hours after my first man-up), my COTAC and I were awaiting a tow at the end of the runway--one last precaution against the possibility of damaged gear.
In the brief moment that I asked my COTAC, "What did he say?" the aircraft settled cleanly onto the ace.
I told this to my COTAC as I tested the brakes at 110 knots.
As I neared the final approach course, my COTAC began pimping approach control for a turn; approach did not reply.
My COTAC began checking us through the frequencies and contacted our representative.
I yelled to my COTAC, "I've got it, and fire off the APU," as I climbed away from the water.
Fortunately, my quick-thinking COTAC relayed our intentions to 702 on guard, over his PRC-90.
When we reached 400 pounds below bingo, COTAC finally declared bingo and told the boat we would be diverting.
My COTAC and I suspected an electrical problem but we had no any cockpit indications to confirm our theory.
We had just come to a stop since the lead and Dash 2 were getting their brakes checked, when I heard the COTAC yell, "Ground says our No.