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COTCClan of the Cats (webcomic)
COTCCentral Ohio Technical College
COTCChurch Of The Creator (hate group)
COTCCorn on the Cob
COTCCanadian Officer Training Corps (Canada)
COTCCommanding Officer, Training Contingent
COTCChannel-Optimized Transform Code
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David Brillhart, COTC Vice President for business and finance, remarked on the announcement, "We're pleased to be bringing state-of-the-art business processes to our procurement operations through the adoption of the Unimarket system.
The Bay Area BCERC COTC included an African-American member, not four whites as Baralt and McCormick showed in their Table 1.
The Front, together with the COTC, is supporting the racist rock band, RAHOWA, in developing a racist culture among youth throughout southern Ontario.
COTC will also help expand our downstream portfolio, reducing our focus on the transportation sector and securing new and promising commercial opportunities.
Online learning with COTC acts as a supplement to live training.
As the campus expansion continues, and network requirements increase, OSUN and COTC rely on Extreme Networks to connect the campus every step of the way.
As a result of doing away with the COTC, and asking too much, we have lost two generations of business leaders (you have nothing but school teachers, students working their way through college and unemployables).
COTC COTC Web-based training has several more advantages than traditional training methods.
The RFA mandated that each center have a central participatory component called a COTC that would develop and implement strategies to translate the scientific findings of the center into information for the public and policy makers.
Powered by Extreme Networks' open infrastructure, OSUN and COTC can take advantage of new applications as staff and student needs evolve, and meet campus needs today and in the future.
COTC was cofounded by the American Correctional Association, the American Jail Association and the American Probation and Parole Association.