COTCOConsolidation Of Telecommunication Centers
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Y en paralelo, en COTCO el gobierno de Camerun tiene el 15% de las acciones, el del Chad el 5%, y el 80% restante corresponde al Consorcio.
To date, COTCO has still not fulfilled its promise of compensation for the reef destroyed in Kribi nor replaced all the fishing nets broken during the construction.
During the time when Chadian crude oil had COTCO transport oil through Cameroon 417 million barrels were exported for the association of petroleum companies exploiting Chadian crude namely, Exxon-Mobil, Petronas and Chevron-Texaco.
Though the calculation of transportation of the Chadian oil from COTCO through the Cameroonian territories was not open to the public, sources revealed that the Cameroon government now is asking to renegotiate the transportation contract with COTCO.