COTCOConsolidation Of Telecommunication Centers
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Y en paralelo, en COTCO el gobierno de Camerun tiene el 15% de las acciones, el del Chad el 5%, y el 80% restante corresponde al Consorcio.
It was during the construction of this marine pipeline that COTCO destroyed the rocky outcrop that used to give the fishing community of Mapinini their bountiful catches.
To date, COTCO has still not fulfilled its promise of compensation for the reef destroyed in Kribi nor replaced all the fishing nets broken during the construction.
Marktech Optoelectronics has announced the availability of its LP6-TTP1-01 six-lead, RGB solid-state light source from Cotco. This RGB LED features a 120[degrees] viewing angle in a 6.0 mm X 5.0 mm surface-mount package designed specifically for accent and color-changing lighting applications.
The Cotco High Power Dorado features what is said to be the smallest 1W footprint in the industry.
The Cotco LD701 High Flux LED Series offers high reliability and is suitable for illumination applications.
The Cotco "eXtra Bright" Blue utilizes the most recent innovation in InGaN/SiC technology.
Marktech Optoelectronics has announced Cotco's LM1 series LEDs with its PLCC-2 surface mount package and 120[degrees] viewing angle.
Marktech Optoelectronics announces the availability of Cotco's Screen Master[TM] 574 series LEDs.