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COTERIEColumbia Object-oriented Testbed for Exploratory Research in Interactive Environments
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In this manner my arrival was circulated prematurely in certain coteries, the pretty mouths and fine voices that spoke of my marvels, being quite unconscious that they were circulating news that had reached their ears via Honor O'Flagherty, Biddy Noon, and Kathleen Brady.
{Milesians = slang for Irish (from Milesius, a mythical Spanish conqueror of Ireland); Miss Dosie = Miss Eudosia; bossee = humorous for a female boss; coteries = social sets}
It was a society less furnished than the coteries of today(in its ignorance of the wonderful chances, the opportunities of the early bird, with which its path was strewn), with tatters of old stuff and fragments of old crockery; so that Miss Bordereau appeared not to have picked up or have inherited many objects of importance.
And by that, I mean surrounding ourselves with a coterie of loyalists who become warlords, who decide on appointments, who interfere, access gets restricted as you go up, and then you spend less time going down and fighting with the grassroots people.
THE success of Corbyn and his coterie of Marxists in the General Election can be attributed primarily to bribery.
Even when Prime Minister Cameron was railing against the immorality of aggressive tax avoidance, his father and his coterie of expensive lawyers were trying to find somewhere with "light touch" regulation to stash the cash.
Seuss Originally produced at the Coterie Theatre in Kansas City, Mo., in the 2003-04 season
For his second bout in Macau away from the bright lights of Las Vegas the fight capital that's been the locale of 12 of his last 16 boutsPH's goodhearted boxing royalty brought a coterie of more than 300.
FORMER senior Shiv Sena leader and late party president Balasaheb Thackeray's trusted aide Arun Betkekar has slammed Uddhav Thackeray and " his coterie of flatterers" for the party's failure in the recently- held Maharashtra Assembly polls.
Salmond, who faced Lamont at First Minister's Questions every week for Questions every week for three years, said: "It is clear three years, said: "It is clear that the fundamental that the fundamental nature of Labour's leadership nature of Labour's leadership crisis in Scotland is caused crisis in Scotland is caused by Ed Miliband and his by Ed Miliband and his coterie at Westminster.
Ava works for the Coterie, an organization that supposedly protects supernatural creatures but more often craves power, since Venus, a vampire, has taken over leadership.
And yet, from its comic title to the wistful smile that accompanies its over-too-soon last shot, Andersson's delightfully odd "A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence" finds the Swedish master of comic absurdity feeling downright generous, perched at a comfortable enough distance from this coterie of sad sacks and lonely hearts to recognize the humor in such painful subjects as mortality, aging, unpaid debts and unrequited love.