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COTERIEColumbia Object-oriented Testbed for Exploratory Research in Interactive Environments
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In this manner my arrival was circulated prematurely in certain coteries, the pretty mouths and fine voices that spoke of my marvels, being quite unconscious that they were circulating news that had reached their ears via Honor O'Flagherty, Biddy Noon, and Kathleen Brady.
Milesians = slang for Irish (from Milesius, a mythical Spanish conqueror of Ireland); Miss Dosie = Miss Eudosia; bossee = humorous for a female boss; coteries = social sets}
It was a society less furnished than the coteries of today(in its ignorance of the wonderful chances, the opportunities of the early bird, with which its path was strewn), with tatters of old stuff and fragments of old crockery; so that Miss Bordereau appeared not to have picked up or have inherited many objects of importance.
The former Sena leader alleged that the party had been let down by Uddhav and his coterie, which include Uddhav's personal aide Milind Narvekar, Rajya Sabha MP Anil Desai, Sena's CM nominee Subhash Desai and the party's Thane district Sampark Pramukh Eknath Shinde.
8220;With the perception that materials are no longer made in the USA, we have built a curated and targeted showcase that will support and hopefully strengthen the American economy,” said Matthew Cameron, president and co-founder of Idea Coterie.
A coterie represents a set of copies of the replicated data.
On BJP senior leader's position in the party, he said: "Does he (Advani) run a coterie or does the coterie run him.
those tight little gatherings of the PM plus a hand-picked coterie of advisers.
08) incorrectly attributed the direction of a production of The Giver at Coterie Theatre in Kansas City, Mo.
OAK BROOK, IL -- A coterie of leading semiconductor experts in December said looming market concerns over higher oil prices, the U.
The kinship coterie and the literary endeavors of the women in the Shelley circle.
Lord Butler has criticised a tendency towards decision-making by a small coterie of advisers, claiming that the Cabinet took only one decision during Mr Blair's first eight months.