COTFChildren of the Forest (marketing concept)
COTFClassroom of the Future
COTFCall of the Forsaken
COTFChildren of the Fence (Coheed and Cambria)
COTFChampions of the Force (gaming guild)
COTFCOMOPTEVFOR (Naval Command Operational Test and Evaluation Force)
COTFCleaning out the Fridge (Dickie Alan song)
COTFCommunities of the Future
COTFChildren of the Fey (UK metal band)
COTFCrying on the Floor
COTFChildren of the First (serial webnovel)
COTFChampions of the Future
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Effectively the IATA CotF concept would end the current bne-size-fits-alT approach to security by directing queuing passengers into one of three lanes: 'Known Traveller','Normal', and 'Enhanced Security'.
Of course when the various state and international authorities have agreed on a definitive vision of the CotF, it will fall to the technology manufacturers to deliver the goods that really make the system work.
Andrew Goldsmith from the security systems manufacturer Rapiscan toLd Airports International that he "completely agreed" with lATA's "big picture" vision of the CotF and the "common sense prioritisation of passengers".
Having analyzed the comments, COTF has begun implementing many of the respondents' suggestions.
COTF has organized five working groups to deal with the following areas where the need for change has been identified:
According to the AICPA, "COTF is in the process of conducting a mini-practice analysis, much like it completed last year on information technology, on what general business knowledge (e.g., economics and finance) should be assessed on the exam.
Since this project targets the high school biology curriculum, NASA research into plant-based regenerative systems provides the core content for this COTF multimedia product.
Laurie Ruberg is Senior Instructional Designer and BioBLAST Project Manager with the NASA Classroom of the Future (COTF) program at Wheeling Jesuit University.