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COTHChronicle of the Horse (est. 1937; equestrian newspaper)
COTHHyperbolic Cotangent
COTHCouncil of Teaching Hospitals and Health Systems
COTHCall of the Haunted (Yugioh card game)
COTHCoups Thématiques
COTHCall of the Heard (gaming)
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Variable (a) M (SD) Clinical salary per patient day $280 ($104) Pharmacy salary per patient day $35 ($28) Bed size 255 (237) % payer from Medicare 45 (13) % payer from Medicaid 18 (11) Sophistication index 4.51 (2.08) Ownership Government 18.54% For-profit 10.26% Not-for-profit 71.20% Location Rural 11.05% Micro 16.67% Metro 72.29% JCAHO 85.90% COTH member 14.40% Associated with a medical school 37.87% Region Northeast 20.51% Southeast 17.26% South-center 18.34% North-center 25.94% Mountain 6.11% Pacific 9.27% AMI-related EBM success (b) 94% (8%) HF-related EBM success (b) 89% (10%) PNE-related EBM success (b) 87% (8%) SIP-related EBM success (b) 85% (11%) Note.
P(M is a square) = 1/6([[pi].sup.2] - 3[pi] coth [pi] + 3) [approximately equal to] 0.568
In my opinion, Coth and Its Functions in the Inka State is the best article Murra wrote--his tightest argument, the most compelling, the most powerful.
Keeping these factors in view the present study was taken up in tomato hybrid (COTH 2) to find out the effect of foliar feeding of water soluble fertilizers on the growth, yield and quality characters of hybrid tomato.
Opening batsman, Australian Jimmy Coth, batted brilliantly and carried his bat for a magnificent 130 not out.
where [alpha], [beta] are arbitrary positive numbers satisfying the condition [alpha][beta] > 1, [delta] is defined by coth [delta] = [alpha][beta], and [lambda] = [square root of alpha/beta]
[] = [[j[omega][mu]h]/a][-[1/k]cot(kb) + [[8[a.sup.3]]/[[[pi].sup.3][w.sup.2]]] [[infinity].summation over (m=1)] [[(cos(m[[theta].sub.1]) * sin(m[[theta].sub.2]))[.sup.2]]/[[m.sup.2][square root of ([m.sup.2] - [A.sup.2])]]] coth ([pi]C)] (6)
It seems that his father, Coth, is a resident of Hell, and Coth was always a very vain man, always wanting to be the most accomplished at whatever he tried.